What To Do on a 4000 Mile Road Trip

We’re gearing up for a long road trip traveling through 11 states and visiting lots of family along the way…with three little kids. What to do? For the first time, I’ve made a daily travel activity schedule that I’ll be sharing with Kaelem and Quincy. I hope this will help them beat boredom.

Travel Activities

  • 1 hour- Free play with toys
  • 1 hour- Read/look at books
  • 30 minutes- Family game (scavenger hunt, animal game, alphabet game)
  • 1 hour- Listen to music on ipod
  • 30 minutes- School work (math book, writing assignment, geography with atlas, art)
  • 1 hour- Read aloud or audiobook
  • 30 minutes- Family songtime
  • 1 hour- Rest, listen to Mama and Daddy’s music
  • 1.5 hours- Movie
  • Sleep

We’ll see how this actually shakes out, but I think it’s a good start. I’d love to hear any ideas you might have!

We’re also working on travel meal plans and playlists, so feel free to share those too. :)


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Five Years for Kaelem

It was a big weekend for us celebrating Kaelem’s fifth birthday! I had no idea what to expect when I found out I was pregnant with Kaelem and I remember vividly the feeling of walking out on stage with all the lights glaring when it was time for his delivery. Parenting is “showtime” for sure!

We went on a camping trip to Mille Lacs, which Kaelem was “so so so so excited” about. Actually, all the boys were thrilled to be outdoors, play in the dirt, go exploring, throw sticks in the fire, eat smores, and even sleep in their sleeping bags. I was very pleased with how well Reuben did with sleeping away from his normal space. The kids slept better than we did! If we can overcome the thought of having to load and unload again, I’d like to make another camping trip before the cold weather comes and maybe stay a little longer.

We went with a baseball theme this year. Kaelem has been curious about baseball, but I wouldn’t say overly enthusiastic. We thought it’d be a good all-around sport to learn and fun to play together with other families. I just don’t have the energy now to do official t-ball practices and games and all the dedication it requires. Maybe next year. We were blown away though with his thrilled reaction when he opened a glove/ball/bat from us, “Now I can learn baseball!” Jed took him to a Twins game the next day, which again, Kaelem was not overly excited (wanting to leave in the 2nd inning) but I think he’ll enjoy it all once he gets the hang of playing catch.

I just love this young little man. His brothers rarely leave his side. And he enjoys them as well. For example, I overheard him tell a stranger boy at the park to wait for Quincy so that he could come into their clubhouse too. Isn’t that the kind of big brother you always wanted? Also, he’s turning into a big help around the house. Of course we all have characteristics about us to beat into submission to Christ, and I rest assured knowing that by the Lord’s grace Kaelem will grow into an honorable man of God.

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Soon To Be…New Brother or Sister!

Another announcement we’ve been waiting to share is the news of another little Culbertson due early December. To show his excitement, here is a video clip of Reuben blowing a kazoo. I’m just starting to emerge out of the first trimester slumber stage (after needing a two naps a day some days) and can now get back to more of a normal schedule. When we announced to the kids, Kaelem immediately jumped to thinking of names, even arranging refrigerator letter magnets with Quincy to come up with something good. So far, his only suggestion to me has been “Job.” Like the biblical name, it is pronounced with a long ‘o’ sound rather than a short; however, I think “job” may well fit the description of a fourth child added to our family. It’s a joy of a job though that I’ll cherish forever. Anyway, mid-July we’ll see if we can finally take a peak at some girl names. Yes, we do plan on finding out in advance this time! Of course, whether boy or girl, we’re happy to soon meet this new little one!



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Soon To Be…Mrs. Sadler

My sister is getting married! Emily and Patrick met several years ago at their church in Birmingham and have dated the last year. They are busy making wedding plans and have set a date in September, which will be the second sister September wedding in a row for us. :)   We’re looking forward to meeting Patrick and will hopefully be able to visit with them this summer before the wedding. Congratulations Emily and Patrick!

Emily wrote her version of the proposal and here I am re-posting it:

After a morning of yard-saling, we were hanging out at his house in Fairfield like any other Saturday, working in his flower bed. Then he got a text from a friend informing him which plot was going to be Patrick’s in the community garden there in Fairfield, so Patrick and I went to take a look at it. Patrick had told me he wanted one but kept telling me the guy hadn’t told him yet which one was his (as it turns out, Patrick had known for two weeks which plot was his). So we went to check out his plot and saw that each one is marked with a wooden stake that has the owner’s name on it. He commented that it was kinda wimpy looking and thought we could do better with some stuff he had in his car. So I’m on the ground pulling weeds while he went to his car. He came back with a wooden stake that he’d painted ‘Sadler’ on and our names underneath. He also had a scripture verse: Psalm 113:3 written on it. I wasn’t connecting the dots that it was supposed to mean Emily Sadler and I think he realized that. He said we couldn’t use the stake yet since I’m not a Sadler, but let’s go ahead and take care of that. He took my sunglasses off and put them on top of my head so he could look me in the eye and he said “Emily, I love you (which he hadn’t told me before, so this was when I knew for certain what was happening). I wanted to do this here in Fairfield where we’re going to be spending our lives, and in the garden because it represents new life and growth but there will also be weeds that need to be pulled.” Then he knelt down and asked me to marry him and of course I said yes! Then we had our first kiss and he put the ring on my finger. It was a perfect fit, too! Then we headed back to the car and some guy on his front porch gave us a thumbs up and asked Patrick if I said yes. Then the dude hollered at his buddy “she said yes!” It was great!!! So funny!


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Reuben 14 Month Photo-Shoot

Click each picture to view larger. Enjoy!

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Hair Day

Since Reuben’s hair was starting to look a bit “Einsteinish”…

And was even sporting a noticeable baby mullet…

I decided it was time for a big-boy haircut!

He did a good job with his first haircut, without much complaining. Jed held him still the whole time and even Kaelem came to help entertain. I was in the mood, so actually gave all the boys haircuts that night. It’s crazy how much a little haircut will change the shape of their faces. So much so that we both did double-takes to Quincy and Reuben when they woke up the next day.

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My Two Front Teeth

I found out that corn-on-the-cob makes a great teething toy. I think it was even better being a half-chewed leftover cob from brother. Reuben is normally anxious to leave the dinner table first, but he sat gnawing on that thing long after everyone had cleared out. I was really amazed how much he liked it. He’d motion to get up, only to reach for the cob again. He screamed when he realized I wouldn’t let him crawl around the house with it. He’s 14 months old now and I keep feeling for teeth, but still nothing.  Not one tooth in his head! This probably means they’ll come in all at once and I’ll go to get him from his crib one morning and find some new boy with a full set of chompers. It doesn’t seem to be slowing him down too much though and can gobble up pizza, hamburgers, and hotdogs along with the rest of us.

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Do ye not know that the saints shall judge the world?

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Protected: Whatcha Doin’ Reuben

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Jedhome is Back from the Dead

Greetings! It has been quite a long time since our last posting. As it turns out, the site was hijacked and left functionless until Jed was  able to clean it out and put the pieces back together. We’re still missing the back-log of posts from the last seven years which will be added on one of those days when he gets a round tuit.

Anyway, I’m going to try to post either weekly or biweekly. I like taking the time to do this because I know there are a few of you who miss us and it also serves as scrapbook material for one of those days when I get a round to making them.

The picture above is Kaelem (4), Quincy (2), Reuben (1) on Easter Sunday. We went to a meadow after naps to run around and take pictures.

This is probably the first picture of Reuben standing up next to his brothers. Doesn’t he look so big? He “cruises” all over the house now and even walks up and down the stairs, but has not yet ventured into walking by himself. At almost 13 months, he still doesn’t have a tooth in his head, however, if his extra crying is any indication, maybe they will all pop in soon.

Quincy is talking more each day, although, a good bit of his vocabulary are actually noises rather than words. He asks me to read his book of cars, truck, planes, and boats every day and each time tells me all the sounds they make. He can be both aggressive and shy- aggressive in that he loves to wrestle with Kaelem and Daddy, and shy in that drop offs at the church nursery are not always smooth. He enjoys playing the role of “annoying little brother” to Kaelem as well as “best buddy.” It’s fun to now see Quincy start to develop a relationship with Reuben as well. Quincy still naps once a day (which I love), but potty-training has reached a stall point. When the house warms up, I think we’ll try a different approach.

Kaelem is advancing rapidly in his reading and writing. We’ve recently introduced him to the Psalms set to music by artist Jamie Soles. We listen to the Psalms nearly daily and he loves to sing them at home. We chuckled a good bit when he noticed that “Mama has Jamie Soles in her Bible!” He also enjoys hymns and other worship music and once spent half an hour during quiet time just reading the hymnbook. I’m noticing that I need to keep challenging his abilities and whetting his appetite for more learning to keep from falling into a slump of boredom or mischief.

Jed and I are pressing on in all things we’ve been called to do. It’s a good day when we go to bed happy, full, and tired.


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