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Wynelle 12.14.12.

Wynelle Dove, born December 14, 2:30 a.m., 8 lbs 8  oz, 22 in. Wynelle (pronounced like win) is an embellished version of an Old English word meaning “joy and delight” while Dove is a symbol for peace. (Noah’s dove came back with the olive branch after God judged the earth and it is often used … Continue reading »

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Recent Celebrations

Our facebook announcement of the arrival of Wynelle Dove Culbertson came out yesterday, but before I rush to put those pictures up, here are a few of our other most recent celebrations. After all, tis the season! Going back to…Thanksgiving, the pumpkins the boys decorated was the extent of our craftiness this year. We have … Continue reading »

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Not Ashamed

There are just some days when things stink, like when the baby wakes up cranky from his nap and cries for an hour non-stop, having to change a 3-year old’s poopy pants…again, having no clean clothes in drawers, finding a trail of blueberry muffin crumbs leading downstairs, and so on. “Everything is terrible,” I texted … Continue reading »

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September’s Only Post

Hmm, I see that the last thing I posted was a month ago to the day. This means that life is either very boring or very busy. It’s interesting that I feel I’ve always had a busy life, but when I remember back to life before kids, or even just back to one kid, I … Continue reading »

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First Week of Homeschool

We made it through our first week of school at home! I’ve been doing school work with Kaelem for a couple years now, but this was the first week of hardcore school, for lack of a better word. Kaelem did great. He’s very excited about learning new things and checks his schedule in the mornings … Continue reading »

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The End of August

My dear Jedidiah has always been one to thrill me with surprises. One of the most memorable (and embarrassing) of these surprises happened during our long-distance dating stage while I was attending school in Mobile and he in Virginia. At that time, I was living with mom and dad in the white house or may … Continue reading »

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Sweet Things

I have a few minutes while the kids are occupied to share a few sweet things happening around Jed home lately. My big three-year-old Quincy is having fun playing with his birthday gifts and rough-housing with his brothers. When not playing, he’s learning how to do chores around the house like folding his shirts, sweeping, … Continue reading »

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What’s for School

I’ve just finished ordering our school books for the fall! While we had been diligently working toward starting Agape Christi Academy this fall in time for Kaelem’s first year of school, we’ve had to delay the opening for another year due mainly to the pressing need of an adequate location. So, we’ll be homeschooling this … Continue reading »

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Little Culbertdaughter

As you might have surmised by the title, our ultrasound today revealed a little girl! Or at least, we don’t think it’s a boy. It’s really more of an educated guess. Here’s a profile shot with what looks like her hand covering her ear. I’m afraid that coming into a home of three brothers she … Continue reading »

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5000 Miles of Summer

We’d been talking to the boys about going on a trip for weeks before we left and while they were excited, I realized later that Quincy had something different in mind all together as days after we’d left home Quincy continued to ask, “When are we going on our trip?” Three weeks of being away … Continue reading »

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