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We are the Minnesota Culbertsons. We created this site primarily for our beloved families who we are only able to visit once or twice a year. We are works in progress, so life if not always clean and neat, but it always works out for good. Welcome!

A Brief Introduction

Jed (short for Jedidiah) and Sarah were married August 7, 2004 in Mobile, Alabama. We met in the youth group of McLean Bible Church in Northern Virginia while Sarah’s father held a temporary job in the area. Our relationship grew in spurts during the college years with even a stunt of a broken engagement somewhere in that phase. Had we known about it, we really could have benefited from the principles in Douglas Wilson’s book, “Her Hand in Marriage, ” and avoided many relational pitfalls, however, that wasn’t the Lord’s will, apparently. Through those erratic years, God was very gracious, keeping us from much evil, and we continue to depend on His grace today.

Within our first year of married life, Jed was hired as Program Director for the youth ministry at Grace Church in Minnesota. We didn’t realize just how far away Minnesota is from the rest of civilization our family until our legs starting cramping in our Ford Escort wagon not even half-way through the move from Virginia to Minnesota. We are now approaching our seven-year anniversary as Minnesotans. We thought for sure we wouldn’t be here longer than five, but it just seems that God has called us here to stay, at least for now. Which is good. We like it. If we could just convince our southern families that the winters aren’t really so bad…

God has given us three rather handsome little boys to instruct and nurture, Kaelem, Quincy, and Reuben. As we were leaving the hospital after giving birth to an overdue, nearly-ten-pound baby Reuben, the nurse hollered, “Ya’ll come back in two years for a girl!” We love our boys. They are sinners like everyone else, but it is such a privilege to share in the work of Christ, raising these children to know and love their Creator.

To that end, we are working with two other families to found a classical, Christian school in our area, Agape Christi Academy. There have been lots of prayers, tears, and late nights thus far and we expect many more. However, God didn’t give us energy to burn in front of a television, so we press on, trusting in the wisdom and faithfulness of our Lord to direct and provide.

So, if we don’t post as often as you’d like, please don’t click away. It is in those gaps that we need your encouragement and prayers the most.





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