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Wynelle 12.14.12.

Posted by on December 16, 2012

Wynelle Dove, born December 14, 2:30 a.m., 8 lbs 8  oz, 22 in. Wynelle (pronounced like win) is an embellished version of an Old English word meaning “joy and delight” while Dove is a symbol for peace. (Noah’s dove came back with the olive branch after God judged the earth and it is often used on Christmas cards.)

Although we waited longer than we anticipated, the Lord was very kind during labor. My doctor had scheduled a non-stress test for us since I was a few days overdue in order to listen to her heartbeat for a longer period of time and check to make sure she was getting the nutrients she needed. The nurses faxed the results to my doctor who told me over the phone that he thought she needed to be delivered that day due to some dips in her heartbeat. So, I called Jed in tears because I did want her to come that day, but did not want to be induced. I’d been through that before with Kaelem and then had Quincy and Reuben naturally, so knew well the extra agony and potential complications involved with inductions (even though, I know, some moms are totally fine with it).

Meanwhile, Jed was praying that she would be fine and that labor would start on its own. As it turns out, this is exactly what happened right away. The nurses recognized I was picking up regular contractions and also saw that baby seemed to be doing fine, having no more signs of distress, so didn’t go ahead with the induction. They remarked at what a coincidence it was.

We stayed around awhile walking the halls to get things going faster only to be sent home at 8:00pm because there was no change in dilation from 1 cm earlier that day. I thought this was the silliest thing ever, since I was having fairly strong contractions 5 minutes apart, but insurance wouldn’t wait around for us.

So, we went home and watched a movie with my parents only to come back three hours later to the same room at 4 cm. She was born three hours after that. It was my easiest (a relative term) delivery of the four, helped too by Jed’s improved back-rub techniques.

And then it was all behind us!

Jed calls her “little lady.”

Wynelle missed my mom’s birthday on the 11th, but instead shares it with cousin Judy. :)

Dad was able to meet her too and also while here, installed a door on the kid’s room for us.

Reuben surprised me by being the most interested of the boys, calling her “baby” and going right away to touch her.

Also, he noticed her pacifier (which she loves). Reuben has now been a couple weeks without his special paci for day or night.

Quincy is working on learning to say “Win-elle” and not “Why-nelle”, “Wuh-nelle” or “Ruh-nelle.”

Kaelem was excited to hold his little sister as soon as she came home.

Clara and Joanna came to visit at the hospital and brought presents.

They are waiting for a little brother to come in the spring!

All bundled up and ready to go to her new home. Welcome little Wynelle!


One Response to Wynelle 12.14.12.

  1. Amanda C.

    Oh friends, she is just precious! Congratulations on another healthy kiddo! I feel like she looks a lot like Kaelem, right? :)

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