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Recent Celebrations

Posted by on December 15, 2012

Our facebook announcement of the arrival of Wynelle Dove Culbertson came out yesterday, but before I rush to put those pictures up, here are a few of our other most recent celebrations. After all, tis the season!

Going back to…Thanksgiving, the pumpkins the boys decorated was the extent of our craftiness this year. We have yet to try actually carving them.

Enjoyed some turkey and games with our world-traveling friends Dustin and Katie and had some more pumpkin pie.

Soon after pumpkin pie, was chocolate pie for Jed’s birthday. It’s so fun to have celebrations with kids. They just naturally have party hearts and are always excited to have special treat days. All the planning and preparations that go into it are worth it! And since food at the dinner table is a key part in almost every celebration, I’ve been trying to learn how to make it more festive. I’ve mainly focused on getting the cooking part down, but now that the kids are getting a little bigger and we have a little girl to enjoy kitchen time with me, I want to move into the decorative realm of table presentation. Not necessarily going for Martha Stewart at every meal, but I just want them to appreciate the beauty in any form and leave home with fond memories around the table.

Another table activity, Daddy’s new Tetris game!

Of course, every party has a pooper. He just couldn’t wait for his turn.

Since, I was two weeks away from my due date…

we went ahead a decorated for Christmas.

It was Quincy’s year to put on the star.

And now most recently, snow! Jed was eager to build an igloo this year, something he hadn’t done in 15 years. My parents had flown in by then to help us with the baby, but since she hadn’t arrived the men set to work on this project. It was actually quite some effort.

Even Reuben carried bricks.

A happy little Eskimo!

Next up, baby pictures!

One Response to Recent Celebrations

  1. Sharon Thomas

    Congratulations! Hope you are doing well!

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