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September’s Only Post

Posted by on September 24, 2012

Hmm, I see that the last thing I posted was a month ago to the day. This means that life is either very boring or very busy. It’s interesting that I feel I’ve always had a busy life, but when I remember back to life before kids, or even just back to one kid, I wonder what I filled my days. And now I’ll probably be wondering the same thing about today in just a few short months with the arrival of little girl Culbertson.

Today is the first week with all our school year activities up and running. To start the week, Kaelem just started Sunday morning children’s choir at church, followed by the worship service that we attend as a family (minus Reuben for now until the older boys are adjusted to the place of worship in the chapel). On Mondays the boys and I go to Classical Conversations (our homeschool co-op) for three hours. Tuesday mornings are my one day a week with other women at the women’s Bible study. Quincy and Reuben are part of “Super Bible Club” during that time where they have stories, songs, and crafts, plus snack and games, of course. Kaelem spends that time in Jed’s office doing schoolwork and helping Daddy. On Wednesday evenings, Quincy goes to Cubbies, the smallest level of AWANA, which is a scripture-memory based program for kids. For various reasons, we opted against enrolling Kaelem in Sparks (the level above Cubbies), but appreciated the memorization primer that Cubbies was for Kaelem the last two years. Thursdays are a much needed stay at home day. And Friday is overhaul housework day since Jed is off work as well as family p.e. which has either been swimming, basketball, or baseball. Wrapping up Fridays, typically, is a school-board meeting. Saturdays are special project days and usually the day we’ll make a fancier dinner and occasionally have friends over.

So, on paper anyway, that’s what it looks like for us these days. It is the Lord who provides the energy and functioning vehicle! I enjoy having a consistent schedule, but am usually ok when plans change.

And since that long paragraph took a bit to spit out, here now I’ll resort to bullet points of anything interesting going on:

  • I posted pictures here on Facebook of Hannah’s visit at the end of August. Quincy called Jed’s mom “Annie” instead of “Nanny” and when Hannah came the next weekend, he dubbed her “Nannah.”
  • Made our last big road trip for the year to Alabama. This is what the boys looked like after driving at night, sleeping in the van at a campground, and waking up with the sun. Can you tell who had the best sleep?

  • Celebrated my sister’s Emily’s marriage to Patrick on September 15 in Birmingham, Alabama. I will write more about this when she gets her pictures back. I’m regretting now that I let the photographer take all the pictures for me. :(   This one is poached from Facebook.

  • Reuben is saying about five new words daily now. I think he’s going to have lots to say. It’s been shocking with each child each time they say something new for the first time. Wha…? Did you say that?
  • Kaelem is having a blast riding his bike with no training wheels. We sometimes take the bikes to the church parking lot and ride around. Just a little more practice in the neighborhood and he’ll be able to ride beside my bike.
  • Quincy is the most excited about a little sister on the way and surprises me at how tender he can be with babies, considering how he frequently likes to annoy his brothers.
  • We stacked the bunk beds in preparation for moving Reuben out of his crib. I haven’t found a new bed for Reuben yet, so will probably just move him to a mattress on the floor for a few months. Kaelem and Quincy like the novelty of the arrangement. Reuben got stuck half-way up the ladder today, and I hope scared him enough that he won’t try climbing it again right away.
  • Jed and I started reading some of the curriculum that we plan to have at Agape Christi for the secondary school called Omnibus. It’s an integrated course in Literature, Theology, and History. We read a good bit on the road trip and should finish The Odyssey this week. I’ve enjoyed the time together reading and discussing.

And that should do it for September. Hope you’ll check in next month!


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