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First Week of Homeschool

Posted by on August 24, 2012

We made it through our first week of school at home! I’ve been doing school work with Kaelem for a couple years now, but this was the first week of hardcore school, for lack of a better word. Kaelem did great. He’s very excited about learning new things and checks his schedule in the mornings right away to see what he gets to do that day. His only trouble right now is being able to process loads of work. That is, he gets overwhelmed by seeing it all stacked together (“I can’t do all these math problems!”) We talk a lot, even in other areas like cleaning his room, about how to work steadily, one step at a time, start with the biggest thing, work is from the Lord, etc. Which, most of the time I’m preaching to myself because I feel overwhelmed like that too when I think about the work on my plate.

We spend about an hour on composition (which is handwriting, spelling, and later grammar), an hour on math, an hour on literature, and half and hour on music each day. When we start Classical Conversations next month we’ll add another 15-20 minutes of review for that each day. Kaelem is really enjoying math and the manipulative blocks, so much so that when I told him he didn’t have to do a particular sheet (because he’d already mastered the concept) he said, “Oh, but I’d love to do that.”

I have Quincy sitting in for some of the time. He is working hard to learn letter sounds and hold a crayon properly. We haven’t tried writing any letters yet because he still has a ways to go with proper form, but today I saw him drawing “t’s” and “k’s” in the dirt at the park. So, maybe we’ll try writing in the sand next week (I have some from the craft store specifically for that.)

Reuben really wants to be involved. It’s just extremely difficult with him at this stage. For the first two days he whined and cried A LOT. By Thursday he seemed to come around to the idea of playing by himself while I was occupied. He found there’s so much to explore…for instance…

I was in the middle of a lesson with Kaelem when I noticed the lights flickering and some electronics turn off. Oh no, I thought, with the power off we can’t do our math video. And then I heard a little switch sound flipping on and off. I knew instantly what it was. They had finally found the power control box located in their bedroom. I rushed downstairs to see Reuben standing on the window ledge (how did he get up there?!) in front of the open box. I don’t know if he was strong enough to actually flip the switches or if he had help from Quincy, either way, not good. I’m happy that Quincy and Reuben are now able to spend time together, on the other hand, they can be quite the troublesome duo.

As I kissed them goodnight on Monday, reminding them to get their rest for school the next day, I was thinking to myself, “Just 179 days left.” In all seriousness though, I do love the job of teaching my kids, but boy, we are in for an adventure.




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