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Sweet Things

Posted by on August 7, 2012

I have a few minutes while the kids are occupied to share a few sweet things happening around Jed home lately.

My big three-year-old Quincy is having fun playing with his birthday gifts and rough-housing with his brothers. When not playing, he’s learning how to do chores around the house like folding his shirts, sweeping, and unloading the dishwasher. We still have a ways to go on the school-prep front learning letter sounds and identifying numbers. I’m planning to include him in lessons with Kaelem as much as possible. The task of teaching is always ongoing, and with multiple children repetitive, but I’m finding that even with all boys I can’t teach them all the exact same way.

Reuben has exploded in milestones this month. Since we’ve been back from our summer vacation trip, he’s taken off walking. That makes life for me so much easier, actually! I can get out the door with all our stuff in one trip instead of two now that I don’t have to carry Reuben. He does still enjoy being snuggled and rocked though, and I try to do that as often as we can.

As far as language, after weeks of showing Reuben how to sign “more” he finally did it on his own initiative when he saw his brothers eating chocolate-chip cookies in front of him. He is starting to understand and follow commands such as “put your diaper in the trash.” He recently realized he has messed his diaper and came to me with a new one before I noticed he needed changing. So, as soon Quincy is in the clear, we’ll start the next round of potty-training.

Another milestone for Reuben, his first tooth! I was beginning to think we’d have look into baby dentures, but one little point finally poked through. He’s been restless a lot at night lately and waking up before the sun. I suppose it’s due to his teeth.

This morning though, the Lord blessed us all with more morning sleep, a sweet gift given it is also our 8th anniversary!

Jed and I have been busy lately with more house projects, trying to get ready for the baby. The plan is to have them all in the downstairs room, so I’m working on clearing out space in the closet and trying to score a bigger dresser on craigslist. Pretty soon, we’ll stack the bunks again and look for a big-boy bed for Reuben.

Kaelem is loving swimming at the community center. He’s reached the age now that the outdoor splash pad with water sprinklers is “too shallow.” If it was just the two of us, we’d go to the pool everyday, but as it is, we try for once a week. Another joy he has right now is reading The Boxcar Children. I read the first one with him, reading every other page aloud. He’s just run off with them though and is now on book 4. Of course we’re thrilled that he’s enjoying reading, but it’s caused us to start discussing lately the concept of “priorities.”

Speaking of priorities, better wrap it up. I’m so thankful for cameras and blogs to help share these sweet things with you family and friends far away.




2 Responses to Sweet Things

  1. Bethany

    Thank you for sharing this, guys! It’s encouraging to me to see that even at your sons’ young ages, you’re starting to teach them responsibility and initiative. Thank you for being an example for the rest of us :)

  2. Paula

    They are all so precious! Can’t wait to see you all next month.

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