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Monthly Archives: August 2012

First Week of Homeschool

We made it through our first week of school at home! I’ve been doing school work with Kaelem for a couple years now, but this was the first week of hardcore school, for lack of a better word. Kaelem did great. He’s very excited about learning new things and checks his schedule in the mornings … Continue reading »

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The End of August

My dear Jedidiah has always been one to thrill me with surprises. One of the most memorable (and embarrassing) of these surprises happened during our long-distance dating stage while I was attending school in Mobile and he in Virginia. At that time, I was living with mom and dad in the white house or may … Continue reading »

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Sweet Things

I have a few minutes while the kids are occupied to share a few sweet things happening around Jed home lately. My big three-year-old Quincy is having fun playing with his birthday gifts and rough-housing with his brothers. When not playing, he’s learning how to do chores around the house like folding his shirts, sweeping, … Continue reading »

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