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What’s for School

Posted by on July 23, 2012

I’ve just finished ordering our school books for the fall! While we had been diligently working toward starting Agape Christi Academy this fall in time for Kaelem’s first year of school, we’ve had to delay the opening for another year due mainly to the pressing need of an adequate location. So, we’ll be homeschooling this year! Essentially, I’ll be doing what I’ve been doing for the past two years with Kaelem, now with more intensity. If you want to know why in the world we would want to homeschool when we have five elementary schools in our town, I suggest you read our article The Story of Education in America, Dorothy Sayer’s article The Lost Tools of Learning and listen to Douglas Wilson’s talk The Paideia of God.

I’m usually over ambitious when it comes to books and have always been self-driven to read and study, even more so now that I’ve matured enough to realize how much I still don’t know. Thankfully, Kaelem appears to share similar traits (when the mood strikes) which will make it easier for me with a baby coming in December.

We’ve already done a good bit of work on reading and now will focus in on handwriting, spelling, grammar, and math. For anyone interested, here are some things I plan to do with him.

  • The Writing Road to Reading, First Grade, Spalding  Covers handwriting, spelling, and phonics. We’ll work on the phonics with Quincy too.
  • Shurley English 1  Depending on the workload, we might wait until after Christmas to start this grammar program.
  • Math U See, Alpha  So excited for this!
  • The Kodaly Method This is a wonderful music program that several of the classical schools use. If done according to plan, the students are able to read and write music by the end of third grade. It’ll be Christmas for me when this comes in.
  • The ESV Illustrated Bible and Westminster Shorter Catechism. Jed has already started the nightly routine going over these with the boys. They think it’s fun. I also picked up First Catechism for something more on their level of comprehension.
  • Various literature such as Nate the Great, Encyclopedia Brown, The Boxcar Children, Winnie the Pooh, and Pinocchio.
  • For science, history, and art we’ll be joining a homeschool study group called Classical Conversations. They meet once a week for three hours to work for memory work, a science project, and art project.  I’m excited for this as well, mostly knowing how much Kaelem will love it.

So that’s the gist of it. I’m excited to homeschool this year, yes, but there’s still the longing to see Agape Christi become a help to our community. With all the load involved in starting a school, planning for homeschooling, growing a baby, disciplining kids, cleaning house, etc. my mantra of recent weeks has been, “my grace is sufficient for you.”  Feel free to copy and paste that to your heart. It’s a good one.


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