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5000 Miles of Summer

Posted by on July 9, 2012

We’d been talking to the boys about going on a trip for weeks before we left and while they were excited, I realized later that Quincy had something different in mind all together as days after we’d left home Quincy continued to ask, “When are we going on our trip?” Three weeks of being away from home must feel like years to such small children though because as we rolled in to our town Kaelem looked around and exclaimed, “Hey, I remember this place!”

I realize now that I underestimated the mileage we’d put on the van in the previous post by 1000 miles. Slight miscalculation. It reminds me of the time that we loaded up our moving van to head to Minnesota from Virginia and looked at the map for the first time for a mini freak-out when I saw how far away it was. So anyway, as always, good to go, good to be gone, and good to be back.

The picture above shows everything we loaded into the van for three weeks. We did without the pack-n-play for the first time since we were able to borrow them along most of the way. For the other couple nights, Reuben enjoyed some relative freedom that night on a pallet (mat) on the floor. The other thing I might make do with less of next time is toys. The only use the toys served was for giving Reuben a quick thrill of spilling them out of the box. We had plenty of books, snacks, and music though. Something Kaelem enjoyed listening to that we picked up at the Association of Classical and Christian School conference was Wise Words, a collection of fairy-tale style stories based around Proverbs.

The conference in Dallas was excellent. We came away with lots of practical ideas in educating our kids, developing a school, and recruiting more parents to come along with us. We especially enjoyed the more visionary topics by Douglas Wilson and George Grant. I also liked the historical talk on George Washington given by Peter Lillback author of George Washington’s Sacred Fire. We bought Punic Wars and Culture Wars from the author Ben House while we were there and started reading it on the road. It’s been great so far, but the point that sticks out the most to me as he shares stories of the quality of education children received back before the beginnings of the public school system and I am overwhelmed in emotions. Remorseful because of what was lost, and yet hopeful for the next generations and resolved to keep a steady pace at “repairing the ruins.

After Dallas (and several meals of Chick-fil-A) we drove around the south visiting Jed’s family in Virginia and mine in Alabama. Kaelem, being the more extroverted son, was especially thrilled to see all the aunts, uncles, and cousins. We also were able to meet my niece, Sydney, for the first time.

We took lots of pictures, although, not as many as I captured in my mind’s eye. It’s tough balancing living in the world and taking pictures of it. I’m working on posting the ones I do have to my Facebook album, which you may view here.

One Response to 5000 Miles of Summer

  1. Paula

    It was so much fun to get to spend time with all of you. The boys are growing up so fast.

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