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Soon To Be…Mrs. Sadler

Posted by on May 30, 2012

My sister is getting married! Emily and Patrick met several years ago at their church in Birmingham and have dated the last year. They are busy making wedding plans and have set a date in September, which will be the second sister September wedding in a row for us. :)   We’re looking forward to meeting Patrick and will hopefully be able to visit with them this summer before the wedding. Congratulations Emily and Patrick!

Emily wrote her version of the proposal and here I am re-posting it:

After a morning of yard-saling, we were hanging out at his house in Fairfield like any other Saturday, working in his flower bed. Then he got a text from a friend informing him which plot was going to be Patrick’s in the community garden there in Fairfield, so Patrick and I went to take a look at it. Patrick had told me he wanted one but kept telling me the guy hadn’t told him yet which one was his (as it turns out, Patrick had known for two weeks which plot was his). So we went to check out his plot and saw that each one is marked with a wooden stake that has the owner’s name on it. He commented that it was kinda wimpy looking and thought we could do better with some stuff he had in his car. So I’m on the ground pulling weeds while he went to his car. He came back with a wooden stake that he’d painted ‘Sadler’ on and our names underneath. He also had a scripture verse: Psalm 113:3 written on it. I wasn’t connecting the dots that it was supposed to mean Emily Sadler and I think he realized that. He said we couldn’t use the stake yet since I’m not a Sadler, but let’s go ahead and take care of that. He took my sunglasses off and put them on top of my head so he could look me in the eye and he said “Emily, I love you (which he hadn’t told me before, so this was when I knew for certain what was happening). I wanted to do this here in Fairfield where we’re going to be spending our lives, and in the garden because it represents new life and growth but there will also be weeds that need to be pulled.” Then he knelt down and asked me to marry him and of course I said yes! Then we had our first kiss and he put the ring on my finger. It was a perfect fit, too! Then we headed back to the car and some guy on his front porch gave us a thumbs up and asked Patrick if I said yes. Then the dude hollered at his buddy “she said yes!” It was great!!! So funny!


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