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Five Years for Kaelem

Posted by on May 30, 2012

It was a big weekend for us celebrating Kaelem’s fifth birthday! I had no idea what to expect when I found out I was pregnant with Kaelem and I remember vividly the feeling of walking out on stage with all the lights glaring when it was time for his delivery. Parenting is “showtime” for sure!

We went on a camping trip to Mille Lacs, which Kaelem was “so so so so excited” about. Actually, all the boys were thrilled to be outdoors, play in the dirt, go exploring, throw sticks in the fire, eat smores, and even sleep in their sleeping bags. I was very pleased with how well Reuben did with sleeping away from his normal space. The kids slept better than we did! If we can overcome the thought of having to load and unload again, I’d like to make another camping trip before the cold weather comes and maybe stay a little longer.

We went with a baseball theme this year. Kaelem has been curious about baseball, but I wouldn’t say overly enthusiastic. We thought it’d be a good all-around sport to learn and fun to play together with other families. I just don’t have the energy now to do official t-ball practices and games and all the dedication it requires. Maybe next year. We were blown away though with his thrilled reaction when he opened a glove/ball/bat from us, “Now I can learn baseball!” Jed took him to a Twins game the next day, which again, Kaelem was not overly excited (wanting to leave in the 2nd inning) but I think he’ll enjoy it all once he gets the hang of playing catch.

I just love this young little man. His brothers rarely leave his side. And he enjoys them as well. For example, I overheard him tell a stranger boy at the park to wait for Quincy so that he could come into their clubhouse too. Isn’t that the kind of big brother you always wanted? Also, he’s turning into a big help around the house. Of course we all have characteristics about us to beat into submission to Christ, and I rest assured knowing that by the Lord’s grace Kaelem will grow into an honorable man of God.

One Response to Five Years for Kaelem

  1. Paula

    It is hard to believe 5 years have gone by already. I’m so proud of him!

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