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Jedhome is Back from the Dead

Posted by on April 10, 2012

Greetings! It has been quite a long time since our last posting. As it turns out, the site was hijacked and left functionless until Jed was  able to clean it out and put the pieces back together. We’re still missing the back-log of posts from the last seven years which will be added on one of those days when he gets a round tuit.

Anyway, I’m going to try to post either weekly or biweekly. I like taking the time to do this because I know there are a few of you who miss us and it also serves as scrapbook material for one of those days when I get a round to making them.

The picture above is Kaelem (4), Quincy (2), Reuben (1) on Easter Sunday. We went to a meadow after naps to run around and take pictures.

This is probably the first picture of Reuben standing up next to his brothers. Doesn’t he look so big? He “cruises” all over the house now and even walks up and down the stairs, but has not yet ventured into walking by himself. At almost 13 months, he still doesn’t have a tooth in his head, however, if his extra crying is any indication, maybe they will all pop in soon.

Quincy is talking more each day, although, a good bit of his vocabulary are actually noises rather than words. He asks me to read his book of cars, truck, planes, and boats every day and each time tells me all the sounds they make. He can be both aggressive and shy- aggressive in that he loves to wrestle with Kaelem and Daddy, and shy in that drop offs at the church nursery are not always smooth. He enjoys playing the role of “annoying little brother” to Kaelem as well as “best buddy.” It’s fun to now see Quincy start to develop a relationship with Reuben as well. Quincy still naps once a day (which I love), but potty-training has reached a stall point. When the house warms up, I think we’ll try a different approach.

Kaelem is advancing rapidly in his reading and writing. We’ve recently introduced him to the Psalms set to music by artist Jamie Soles. We listen to the Psalms nearly daily and he loves to sing them at home. We chuckled a good bit when he noticed that “Mama has Jamie Soles in her Bible!” He also enjoys hymns and other worship music and once spent half an hour during quiet time just reading the hymnbook. I’m noticing that I need to keep challenging his abilities and whetting his appetite for more learning to keep from falling into a slump of boredom or mischief.

Jed and I are pressing on in all things we’ve been called to do. It’s a good day when we go to bed happy, full, and tired.


One Response to Jedhome is Back from the Dead

  1. Paula

    What a fitting day to resurrect the site. Love the pictures of my little men!

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